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Rotten Bananas: Woman Died From Sex With Dog

Every so often you hear of an event that makes you sick to your stomach. Well, we got another one fellas. She got what she deserved and it baffles me what people do with themselves nowadays. Rotten bananas indeed!

A man has been charged with breaking Ireland’s bestiality laws for forcing his dog to have sex with a woman who died from an allergic reaction brought on by the perverse act.

Sean McDonnell, the 57-year-old charged in the case, apparently ordered his German Shepherd to have sex with a 43-year-old mother of four that he met in an online fetish chatroom.

They met to perform the kinky act with the canine, but the woman died hours later from an attack similar to a reaction unleashed by a peanut allergy, according to the Irish Daily Star.

Although the woman perished on October 7, 2008, McDonnell was just charged in Limerick. It’s an unprecedented case on the Emerald Isle where it’s believed that no one’s been prosecuted under the country’s 1861 buggery laws, the Journal reported.

A conviction could land McDonnell in prison for life.


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