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Signs He Wants To Break Up (For The Ladies)

Love Monkey is changing it up here on this one! This one is geared towards the women. Check out the signs your boyfriend may be showing to tell you he wants to dump or break up with you. Hope you enjoy!

Are you bothered that your boyfriend will fall out of love with you? Are you unsure about his feelings? Do you think he may want to break up with you?

A few signs he’s falling out of love with you:

Signs He Wants To Breakup | Love Monkey – He stops talking about future plans. It’s but normal to plan the future with your partner. Did you and your boyfriend used to discuss your future together such as traveling, purchasing a home or even getting a pet together? Chances are he can’t picture a future with you anymore if all that has stopped. If you ask your boyfriend about any long term plans in the future and he brushes it off or is not eager to discuss it, this is one of the most obvious signs he wants to break up with you. Uh oh!

- You arguments are more intense and hurtful. Arguments used to be “normal” and words were not meant to serve as a dagger through the heart. The two of you know how to hurt each other. Are your fights getting totally brutal and nasty? If so, your relationship has unexpectedly become toxic. This is one of the main signs he wants to break up with you and your relationship is about to end. Uh oh again!

- Does he want space or free time away from you? Still remember when you and your boyfriend enjoyed spending every second together? Your boyfriend would spend time with you on his break, after work, and all evening. All of that has changed now. Instead of being with you, he wanna spend more time with his friends and when you’re hanging out together, it’s boring and tedious. This is a sign that should be bundled with others though. This is a clear indication that your boyfriend wants to break up.If this is the only issue, it could just mean he wants to go out with his friends. Yikes!

- The little things that used to be adorable are now annoying and an issue. The petty things he used to think was lovable now annoys him. When you love somebody, you love everything about that person. Yes, even there annoyances aren’t viewed as annoyances. Gulp!

Be prepared to have a serious talk with your boyfriend if you’re experiencing any of these signs he wants to break up with you. Your relationship has almost certainly reach it’s end if you have a hunch that your relationship is over.

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